Vitamins & Supplements

I am filling vitamin/supplement orders.  Right now, certain vitamins are in short supply, but I am working daily with my vendors to be sure you are provided with quality products that have not been tampered with or overpriced. Just call OR email me and I will either arrange to have products sent to you or I am offering “curbside pick-up” at my office – we can arrange a time that works for us both. 

Its best to avoid online vitamin promotions – there are too many that are trying to “cash in” on this crisis.

CALL: (631) 589-7814



I also provide food recommendations from my GET HEALTHY online store. Here are my top three food recommendations.


The patented ProLon 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet provides all the food and supplements you need to experience, without giving up food.


If you enjoy the original Nuts & Honey Fast bar, you’re going to love our new Nuts & Nibs bar. This tasty new bar is full of antioxidant properties.


The rich red meat and brimming natural Salmon oil found in our No Salt Added Traditional Style Canned Salmon reveals the rare culinary and nutritional quality.

Let’s build something together.

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