We offer a range of chiropractic and nutritional services to help you achieve your health goals. Not sure what you need, or how you can attain your optimal health? We can explain and guide to discover what services are right for you.


We offer a variety of integrated health services, tailored to your needs. Chiropractic techniques include:

• Applied Kinesiology
• Directional Non-Force
• Cranio-Sacral
• Nero-Emotional
• Myofascial Release


We do not just treat the symptoms, but provide a sustainable long-term approach to good health. Wholistic strategies include:

• Nutritional Evaluations
• Food Sensitivity Testing
• Vitamin Counseling
• ZYTO Health Scan
• Weight Management


We offer remote opportunities to guide you towards better health. Our approach includes:

• Personalized Care
• Assessment Planning
• Strategic Goal Setting

Dr. Christine Gizoni is the practitioner I’ve trusted for more than three decades with my health and wellness. Even when I moved out of town and couldn’t keep up with treatments, Dr. Gizoni has remained my trusted friend and healer.

Dr. Gizoni’s nutrition planning has had a long term effect. I’ve found my appetite is reduced all month long, portion control is much easier, and my energy has increased.

I wanted my health back and felt sure that reducing my weight would be the key. When Dr. Chris suggested I try Prolon, I thought I had nothing to lose but some pounds. 

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Let’s focus on your health.

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