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Dear Patients and Friends,

Well, here we are in our ‘new normal’ of our stay at home lifestyle- doing our part to keep ourselves and each other well.

All calls from my office phone number are being forwarded to my cell which is (631) 589-7814.  You can email me at drgizoni@gmail.com. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Our mission is keeping you healthy: through a wholistic approach to nutrition and chiropractic care. 

Our Mission

We do not just treat the symptoms, but provide a sustainable long-term approach to good health. Wholistic health strategies include:

• Nutritional Evaluations
• Food Sensitivity Testing
• Vitamin Consulting
• ZYTO Health Scan
• Weight Management

Our Services

We offer a variety of integrated health services, tailored to your needs. Chiropractic techniques include:

• Applied Kinesiology
• Directional Non-Force
• Cranio-Sacral
• Nero-Emotional
• Myofascial Release

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